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C-Suite Executive Coaching Overview

C-Suite Coaching Boston, MA

Definition of Coaching

Coaching is defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

A core belief of coaching is that clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

- From the International Coaching Federation

Overall Objectives of Executive Coaching

We work with C-Suite leaders to:

  • Increase Self-Awareness of their perceived leadership impact and how those perceptions may differ from their intentions.
  • Support Intentional Self-Development of their capacity to lead fully and authentically.
  • Create Healthy Organizations where leaders, team members, and organizations thrive.
C-Suite Coaching Belmont, MA

C-Suite Executive Coaching Process

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Months 1-2

Months 2-6

Month 6

Assessment & Feedback/Feedforward

  • Online 360 Feedback & Interviews
  • Strength & Challenges Exploration
  • Feedback Debrief & Analysis

Leadership Plan & Communication

  • Thematic Goal
  • Focus Areas Identified
  • Review with Manager/Board
  • Communication - Plan & Implement

Implementation & Ongoing Coaching

  • Bi-weekly Coaching
  • Reflect, Refine, Act
  • Solicit Perspectives

Measurement of Results & Reassessment

  • Gauge Progress Against Goals
  • Review with Manager/Board
  • Reassess & Refocus

How Coaching Differs From Consulting, Mentoring, & Therapy

This is a top-level overview of the difference between coaching and other services:

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Therapist = Expert

Mentor = Expert

Consultant = Expert

Coach = Partner

Therapy skills that help patient heal

Management skills that help a leader progress

Expert skills that provide functional or industry advice

Coaching skills of observation, reflection, & questioning that tapinto a client's wisdom

Focus on past;
Uncovering "Why" is important;
Outcome is to heal past wounds

Focus on sharing wisdom;
Outcome is to transfer skills & knowledge to a more junior person

Focus on problems;
consultant provides expertise & answers;
Outcome is for better decisions and business results

Focus is on person & is present/future-oriented;
Leverages client reflection, problem solving, and action
Outcome is more effective & authentic leader & healthy org.

Provides expert diagnosis & treatment

Provides senior guidance

Provides expert data & advice

Provides framework & support for growth

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Our Partners

We partner with ICF-credentialed coaches at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & Master Certified Coach (MCC) levels.

We partner with author Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group consultants for group work with executive teams.

Building healthy organizations, one leader at a time.TM

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create healthy work environments where people can thrive.

We’ve worked in healthy and unhealthy organizations and have seen the huge difference top leadership makes.

This is the reason we work at the C-Suite level – with leaders who want to tap into their best selves, so they can lead from their strengths and create healthy organizations for themselves and their teams.

Building healthy organizations, one leader at a time.TM

Who We Are

Carol is an ICF-credentialed Master Certified Coach (MCC). Only 4% of the over 51,000 ICF coaches have achieved the MCC level.

Russ is the Business Manager for the firm.

SheerLine Associates was founded by Russ Sabia and Carol Rosa Sabia in 2005.

Carol Rosa Sabia, C-Suite Executive Coach, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Carol Rosa Sabia
C-Suite Executive Coach

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

ICF Master Certified Coach Seal

Carol Rosa Sabia is a C-Suite Executive Coach, whose unique combination of executive line management and talent management experience provides her with both a concrete understanding of the business demands on an executive and the challenges of leading others. She has over 25 years experience in line and staff management including Honeywell Manufacturing Plant Manager and BBN Technologies Vice President of Talent.

Carol has over 20 years of senior executive coaching expertise and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach. Of the over 51,000 ICF-credentialed coaches, only 4% are at the MCC level. Carol applies best practices to help executives strengthen trust in their relationships and lead their teams and organizations in a healthier and more effective way.

Carol has employed the concepts from Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Organizational Health models since 2004, both in her capacity as a senior leader and as an executive coach. Her coaching process focuses on improving individual effectiveness to build and lead cohesive leadership teams and drive organizational clarity and results.

Carol holds a Master in Business Administration degree from Boston College, a Master of Education degree from Harvard University, and a Bachelor degree from the University of Connecticut.

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Russ Sabia, Business Manager

Russ Sabia

Business Manager

Russ spent 35 years in leadership development and organizational development roles in mid to large organizations in a variety of industries including Monster, Fidelity Investments, and UniFirst Corporation. After founding SheerLine Associates in 2005, Russ partnered for 15 years with author Patrick Lencioni’s firm, The Table Group, and consulted with chief executives and their teams to help them improve the health of their organizations by increasing team cohesiveness and helping them to lead with more clarity.

Currently, Russ manages the day-to-day business operations at SheerLine. He holds a Master of Education degree from The University of Vermont; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Keene State College.

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Building healthy organizations, one leader at a time.TM


Leadership Team

SheerLine Associates provides C-Suite Executive Coaching to leaders in organizations across a wide range of industries, sizes, and geographies.

SheerLine Associates' clients span many organizations including those in high tech, pharma, manufacturing, construction, retail, research, financial services, academia, the environment, aging, healthcare, and non-profits. The size of organizations ranges from $20M to multi-billion dollar global corporations and everything in between.

90% of our work is at the C-Suite level, with about half of our clients in the role of CEO, President, or Founder. The rest of our work is with high potential leaders who are on the C-Suite path in their organizations.

The common denominator in all our clients is that they are successful senior executives who are motivated to be the most authentic leaders they can be and to have a positive leadership impact on their organizations. They know their success is no longer about what they know or what they can do, it’s all about how they can tap into the full potential of the people working in their organizations. We partner with them to do that!

Building healthy organizations, one leader at a time.TM


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SheerLine Associates

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Carol Rosa Sabia
C-Suite Executive Coach
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Russ Sabia
Business Manager
(617) 489-3009